Disappearing Bounding Box

Nov 13, 2014

For my imported images, the bounding box will sometimes disappear, and I don't know how to get it back. The images do have states on them, though there are also other images on the stage with states that still do have a bounding box.

I've attached an image, showing how when "WB" is selected, the bounding box is there, but not when "Dwayne" is selected.

Does anyone know why they've disappeared and how to get them back?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Tara!

Thanks for sharing the file. It seems that if you set the characters to their Normal state as the initial state, the box does appear.

Would you be able to share a few of the image files you are using for the different states? I would like to see if I can recreate the issue in a new file.

Emily Ruby

Hello Tara,

I have been testing with these images to try and see what the issue is. So far I can add in the black shadow image, and if i add the 01 image over top as a new state, and use that as initial, it works properly.

However, i have found that when you add a new state in with a new image, if you remove the image used in the normal state (the black shadow) then using this as the initial state makes the item not able to have a selection box.

I am not sure if this is by design, but I am going to report this to the QA team for review. Once i get any updates I will share them here.

For now, if it is possible, you could use the image of 01 as the Normal state, and just keep that as the initial state so you can select the item and get the selection box.

Emma Spencer

Inconstantly disappearing bounding boxes is still a big issue with builds and I wanted to know if anyone has had any luck with this issue. We need consistent bounding boxes for accessibility but trying to work around this problem is taking longer than the build itself. Any update would be great.

Becca Levan

Hey Nick, 

Thanks for reaching out! Most of this thread is outdated, and Emma's issue was in Storyline 360, so we'll need more info to help pinpoint your issue:

As a next step, I'd recommend sharing your file with one of our support engineers, if possible, to help troubleshoot.