Disappearing Drop items

Nov 28, 2012


I've created a simple free form drag and drop slide - there are 4 draggable items and 4 drop zones. Before the leaner completes the drag and drop I've asked them to review some information on a slide layer. I link to the layer using a hotspot. 

When I return from the info layer back to the slide the draggable items have disappeared even though on the timeline they are set to "appear always".

Is there something about free form drag and drops that doesn't allow layers??

Any help much appreciated.



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Mike Enders


I'm not seeing the shapes disappear.  Is the info layer the one in the lower right that pops up with a continue button?  This seems to be working as it should.

I am, however, seeing the big orange box!  Would you mind submitting a case on this?  I'd like our folks to look at it as this shouldn't be happening.




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