Discrepancy in colour and movement in Preview mode

Dec 03, 2018

Good morning!
I have an issue where my PowerPoint slide has animation in it where bars become a certain colour.
When I click "Preview" in the Articulate tab, the colour no longer appears as it should.
This also happens on another slide that that continuous movement, but in the Preview it moves for maybe 5 seconds  and then stops.

Any ideas as to why certain slides won't show all the animation or colours?

Note : I did do the latest update of Storyline, I have not tried to publish it yet, but I'm assuming it would look like the Preview.

Thank you!

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Stephanie Lemieux

Hi Alyssa, Absolutely!

  • I am new to Articulate so not quite certain what Presenter is, but I have a feeling I am using Storyline?
    If it helps I preview it by following these steps : Open my PowerPoint Presentation > Articulate Tab > Click on Preview
  • When I click on "About Storyline" it says v3.2217236.0. Is that sufficient?
  • Happy to ! Kindly see the attached picture showing the PowerPoint on the left that has the bars slowly filling up with red....
    when I click on preview it simply stays gray the entire slide, no animation or colour. (right picture)

This is one example out of 3 or 4.

Thank you for your help :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephanie,

  • Presenter is one of the other Articulate 360 authoring tools, it's a Powerpoint add-on, so you'd access it directly from Presenter. Storyline is separate and stand-alone, so you'd choose to open the Storyline application where you can import in Presenter/powerpoint files
  • Based on the version number, it sounds like you're using the latest update of Storyline. 
  • Can we take a look at the actual file, not just a screenshot? You'll want to share the .story file extension here with us - that'll allow us to see under the hood. 

Let me know when you're able to share - we'll be here, standing by! 

Stephanie Lemieux

Hi Ashley, thank you for your answer!
I actually do not have a .story file as of yet, it's still just a PowerPoint presentation -  would that work for what you need?

Oh also, how would I share it privately with you? Thanks :)


edit: with how you described Presenter being a PowerPoint add-on, I believe that's what I must be using then!

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