How to get the same object movement in Storyline as in Presenter?

Aug 30, 2012

I imported a Presenter course into Storyline, but the movement/animation of a few objects didn't translate. I'm wondering how to recreate it in Storyline. Any ideas? See the Presenter file here:

The animation/movement I'm referring to starts at :38 on the first slide and :26 on the second slide. This movement didn't appear at all in Storyline.

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Patti Bryant


One other possible avenue to go would be to create one slide with the motion path you want and insert that as a video into Storyline. Then, it will look exactly as it would in PowerPoint so you won't lose the effect that you wanted. It's a little more work, so it just depends on how important that effect is to you.

If you think that might help, check out the forum discussion on it here. If you have PowerPoint 2010, this Article provides instructions regarding how to export the PowerPoint file and import it into Storyline. 

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