How to create a sense of movement in Storyline?

Nov 22, 2013

Hi all

I have this request from a client: "We would like to use a driving analogy to take the user on a journey from the “Drivers” perspective. Ideally the images here will have some animation to them."

So I have a road and maybe a car dash board but I'm not sure how I can create an animation with a sense of movement:

I thought about adding a cow or some elements and animate them but we can't do this in Storyline. In Presenter that would be possible.

Is there a way I could "shake" the car a little bit?

Or maybe play with the clouds?

Your thoughts?

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Steve Gannon

Hi Helene,

I recommend placing the road/sky scene in Powerpoint and apply a grow animation to it (maybe something like 115% over 10-15 seconds). Then use Powerpoint's "Save and Send to...Video" option to create a WMV. Import that into Storyline and overlay the dash.

The road/sky photo needs to be fairly high res, otherwise it will degrade as it grows larger.

Helene Caura

Thank you for your suggestions. I have many screens to animate in this module, with a car accident, road signs appearing, etc., so I need to use the quickest method! The looping road video could be an option but I won't be able to overlay elements, will I? I'm also not sure where to find one.

I'm thinking I should use Presenter maybe for this project...

Steve Gannon

If you already have the large photos, you can do the Powerpoint animation-to-video-to-Storyline very quickly. I do this all the time...takes about 3 minutes apiece. If you don't have the photos yet then I would suggest using Kevin's suggestion and find looping videos. Those are likely going to look better. In either case, yes, you can overlay other visuals on top of the videos in Storyline. 

Bruce Graham

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