Moving triggers up and down not happening as expected

May 14, 2012

I've been meaning to ask this for months but probably haven't because I assumed I'd make sense of it myself.  But I haven't.  So here goes ...  What is the logic behind how we can and can't move triggers up and down the pane?  I figured we could move them at will but quite clearly this isn't the case (not with any of my beta or live versions).  Maybe object triggers should sit together in one part with layer triggers in another - but no, that's now 'allowed' either.  The up and down arrows hardly ever allow any movement, thus making the trigger 'map' messy and harder to follow.

Is this an oversight?  Have I kept encountering bad versions?  Is this the way it is?  Or am I not doing something I should be?


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Phil Mayor

Simon, there is  a need for more organisation within the triggers pane.

That said you have three distinct area

Slide level

Object Level

Player Level

Triggers can be moved only within their level, and cannot be moved from one level to another or one object to another using the arrows.

You can copy triggers from object to object and from the slide/player level to the object level ,  using the copy and paste buttons.  To move object to slide or player level means you must open the trigger and adjust it manually

Phil Mayor

You could be right about layer triggers, never really paid them that much attention

Its not possible to use the arrows to organise the triggers, it is really to organise which order they fire.  Its more for logic than a tidy project

Sometimes duplicated triggers change their type (used to happen if you duplicated the next trigger it switched to a key operated trigger)

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