Display a button when multiple variables are true

Jul 29, 2016

My question is just as the title says - how can I get a button to appear once multiple variables are true?

I have tried a trigger to set the button to normal (from hidden) at the end of the timeline if the variables are true. However, this doesn't work although the variables have changed.

NB The variables are set up so that it doesn't matter whether yes or no is ticked, the learner just needs to tick one of them for the variable to change.

Any help much appreciated!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Katherine

see attached...I use offstage objects to control variable triggers when you don't really have anything else to attach them to.  In your case, the timeline is finishing before the user gets to click all the tickboxes so SL skips over the trigger and doesn't execute it.

Anyhow hope the attached helps you.

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