Display and Hide the Seekbar

Mar 24, 2020


I have made some javascript adjustments to control the seekbar in the modern player, but it's not consistent. This is probably due to the fact that the player controls are outside of the player. Is there anyway to trigger the display and hide of the seekbar? The idea is to have the seekbar hide until someone pauses and then it will display. Thoughts? Ideas? 

Thank you, 

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Athan Navarez

Hi Joe,

Javascript might not work consistently with the Modern Player since it has a simple behavior elements embedded within this feature.

You are correct that the player controls are outside of the player and it only have the option to hide/display menu bars, play button or seekbar.

There is no additional behavior options under Player > Menus & Controls option.
You can only trigger the option to On or Off.
Hope it helps!

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