How managing the seekbar

Oct 28, 2013


In my presentation i need to be able to hide and unhide the seekbar as i want. 

I know that it is possible to hide the seekbar  from the player, and i want to hide them beaucause it's take too much place, but sometime i need to see it. 

How can i do to control the apparition of the seekbar . 

Thank you for your answer. 


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Marcel Mihulka

Hi Jean-Claude,

If you tick the seekbar box in the player settings, you can select which particular slides to show or hide the seekbar in by changing them in the slide options (grey gear icon). In the slide options, select custom for this slide and uncheck the seekbar box. I am not sure how you could show and hide a seekbar at different points within a single slide, I imagine you would have to design your own and using triggers to show/hide. This would take a fair bit of time I imagine.

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