Display Different Quiz Results Slide Based on Users Score

May 19, 2015


I'm wondering if I can show a different quiz results slide (or message) based on the number of answers a user got correct.  For example, if there are 15 questions, I would like 3 different quiz results slides.  The results slide that shows would be based on the number of answers correct.  Something like: 

Results Slide 1:  Based on 1-5 correct answers.  Displays "You may need to talk with your supervisor or manager about the <topic>.  I'd suggest...."

Results Slide 2: Based on 6-10 correct answers.  Displays "Looks like you have a pretty good knowledge of <topic>. I'd suggest...." 

Results Slide 3: Based on 11-15 correct answers.  Displays "Great job! You have a very good understanding of <topic>..... " 

Any suggestions on how to build something like that in Storyline 2?  

Thank you!  

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