Display inserted Flash (SWF) video larger, in separate screen?

Jun 02, 2013

Hello, I can insert a previously recorded demo / app sim (SWF file created from Adobe Captivate) into an Articulate Storyline slide BUT can I configure this to open in a larger (if required, separate) window?  Thanks!  Cheers, Jason

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Jason Peterson

Thanks Michael!  Cheers, Jason  p.s. so I can't have that imported SWF display itself larger than the screen / slide that I imported it into?  I understand I can link to the actual HTML file hosted elsewhere to run the playback but am wondering if I can display that imported SWF (from a slide) larger than within the slide itself?

Michael Hinze

Hm, the only way to display something larger than the slide's dimensions is a new browser window. I assume that using a scrolling panel is not an option in your case. That would at least allow you to display something that is vertically larger/higher than the slide itself. And using a lightbox is not an option for you either because it would display your swf file in a new window, BUT smaller than the actual slide.

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