Displaying large amounts of text

Apr 07, 2016

Hi, I need to display large amounts of text specifically a word definitions. Does anyone have any advice on how to display text so its not just a large paragraph on the slide? Any examples would be super helpful. Thank you!


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Marc Lee

Of course, not knowing your design and objectives, this might be off, but I would advise 'layering' the long text.  That is, for each term, give a short 5-10 word definition and a link that says 'more detail,' 'full definition,' or something similar.  Then you can use variables, states or slide layers to give the full text when they click on the link.  You can have several terms on each slide this way instead of one with a long definition. 

Ryal Bird

I've found slide layers and states to be really useful for dealing with a lot of text. Show a bit of text initially and then have the Learner hover-over or click to see the rest of the text. This approach is less overwhelming than having the initial view crowded with a bunch of text. Scrolling panels are cool too, but we all have to do plenty of 'scrolling' in our daily lives as it is :-)

Please see examples attached here.

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