Displaying the Slide Number within the Slide

Nov 19, 2015

I need to be able to display the slide number of each slide alongside the other content, as opposed to including it in the standard menu down the side.

I need this to act as a reference so users can report glitches / bugs by citing the slide number as a unique identifier.

I have created variables for Page_Number and TotalPages in other courses and am familiar with how that works but don't feel it will help here as the course has a non-linear structure and multiple sections.  We also have some sections with large 'try' screen recordings meaning that we don't display page x of y information (as the overall page count is so high).

These slides numbers must be stored somewhere.  Is there a system variable I can call on?


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Liam Kind

Hi Matthew

Thanks for your feedback. That's a shame that we cannot call on the slide number variable as that would have been a very simple solution.

I suspect that my organisation will feel as if they have stumped up enough for the Articulate and LMS licences without another additional charge.

Would this be something that could be considered as a future improvement to the software.



Darren Heath

Hi Liam

**EDIT ** - Ive just re-read your bit about the non-linear structure!! Sorry ignore this example !!

Ive done something similar in the past. Ive had a 'page number' variable and a 'total pages' variable. In my master i have a trigger to add 1to page number when next button is clicked, and a trigger to subtract when the previous button is clicked.

Once the course content has been finalised and I know how many slides it consists of I then change the default value of 'total pages' to reflect that.

Ive attached a quick example of my method, hope it helps

Liam Kind

Hi Darren,

Thanks for taking the time to suggest the 2 variables for tracking page_number and total_pages.  We have those working a treat else where in the course materials.  We have even coded a nice little progress bar with square representing each page that shade as you progress.  The big issue is (as you identified) in your edit a non-linear structure.  Also the sheer volume of slides that get inserted when you record a system simulation (via screen recording) mean page numbers will be time-consuming to manage and potentially demoralising for learners ("You are on page 1 of 42...").

I might post a new thread regarding page numbers and simulations.

Thanks again!

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