Do I create a menu in Slide Master or Feedback Master

Dec 16, 2020

Hi all,

I want to create a menu for my course. I want it to be on all slides, but I want to pull it from one central source so that any changes are made in one place.

I've seen different ways of doing this. I've seen someone do it in Slide Master and someone do it in Feedback Master. I saw a video by David Anderson that lead me to believe that maybe doing this on a layer is the best way and that the Feedback Master is where you do layers for this type of thing. I manage to get it to sort of work but not totally.

I imagine experienced Storyline users have to do this on a lot of their courses so I just want to check if anyone can point me to a good tutorial on the best approach or let me know their approach?

The video below is old and I don't know if that is the best way, so I want to double check before doing anymore research or work on this.


Thanks in advance



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Carlton Johnson

Thanks Matthew, 

I'm going to revisit this and figure this out once and for all.

My confusion was that I interpreted what David A said on a webinar (or it could have been Linkedin training) that the feedback master was where master layers went, but I probably misinterpreted.

I'm also going to see if there are any storyline files to download from Challenges that might show me menus on the  master slides. 

Thanks again and have a great Christmas.