Sending Interaction possible from Master Slide?

Dear all,

I have a Master Slide on which I created a menu. This menu appears on several quiz slides. Each quiz slide has a drag and drop quiz.

I want to put onto the menu a button that should "send interaction drag and drop quiz", so the learner opens the slide menu, hit the button calles Feedback and then he should get the feedback layer.

But i am missing the "send interaction" in the trigger-dialog of the master slide. It is only possible on the quiz slide itself to set a trigger on a button to send interaction data.

Is it in general possible to setting up a trigger on a master slide to "send interaction"?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thorsten,

Since each slide will have a different interaction, the built-in trigger is looking for the particular interaction you're looking to submit. 

Since it's on the master slide you can't edit that trigger on the individual slides. 

Let me know if that doesn't make sense or you need more help! 

Thorsten H.

Hi Daniel,

thanks. I tried it but missed it.

On quiz slide:
I created a variable X.
Set it to false when timeline of quiz slide starts. 

I created a trigger that when timeline of quiz starts the interaction is sent IF variable X is set to right.

On Master slide:
I created a trigger on a button. When hitting the button the variable is set to right. 

Could you describe it?





Thorsten H.

Hi Daniel, dear all,

please find my Storyline file attached.

My goal is to use a button on the master slide that "sends interaction" of quiz slide so that i will continue to next quiz slide.

If I understand Ashley right this is not possible to work.

I tried to create a variable "interaktion". On the master slide I let set it to "Right" when hitting the button on the master slide. On each slide I set a trigger to first set the variable to "False" starting with timeline of slide. I created a second trigger on that slide that sends interaction of the multiple choice quiz if the variable is "Right" and when timeline starts.

But this doesnt work.

Am I the only one that dont want to paste 400 buttons on 400 hundred slides?



Michael Hinze

Maybe I misunderstand, but to me the triggers to Submit the interactions should be 'When variable changes', NOT when timeline starts. Also, you can add the trigger to set the Interaktion variable to False to the layout used by the questions (instead of adding it to each question). have a look at the attached and see if that's what you had in mind.