'Do It For Me' Button

Apr 08, 2013

Background: User-interaction driven project with user click progression. (Similar to a 'Try' project but not build with the Try Screen Recording due to its limitations.) Project steps through a linear workflow process in a software environment.

Problem: A 'Do It For Me' button is required so that if the user does not care to click the hotspots himself, the mouse cursor object will do it for the user. This button should be applied to all slides

Best Solution: Mouse cursor objects should be trigger-able. If they where, I could have the 'Do It For Me' button trigger the mouse cursor object & the mouse cursor object trigger the slide change.

Workaround: I Duplicated Slide1 to Slide1Auto. Slide1 has a hotspot that proceeds to slide2. Slide 1 has a 'Do It For Me' button that jumps to Slide1Auto. Slide1Auto has a mouse cursor movement. Slide jumps to Slide2 when timeline ends. This is doable for 1 frame but I want this feature on all frame. Implementing this on all frames would be impractical.

Other features that could make a 'Do It For Me' Button practical:

  • Allow mouse cursor actions on layers. (Trigger show layer)
  • Allow slide timelines to be paused. (Pause timeline with slide start & unpause with press of 'DoItForMe' button

Is these a way to do this more efficiently?

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