Do relative URLs work in SL3

Jun 07, 2017


I am building a fairly complex eCourse for a client that contains several StoryLine 3 components. I am building and testing the course on one of my sites. Once completed and tested, we will transfer the course to the client's website.

Some of the SL components contain weblinks to other documents and files within the course. My concern is that if I use a full/absolute URL such as -, this link will be broken when we transfer the course to the client's website. Therefore a relative URL would be preferred, i.e. course/doc1.html. However, my initial testing shows that I get a "page not found" error when I use and publish a relative URL as a link.

Can anyone confirm that absolute URLs are required in SL3 links, and if they are, is there a workaround to enable easy transfer to another domain?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Russ, 

Does the file you're linking to also need to reside on the customer's server? Linking to an absolute URL on your domain, shouldn't cause any issues when you upload the published content to the customers domain/site. An easy way to test this is upload the content to a site like Tempshare or use an Amazon S3 server. 

Relative URLs aren't supported, but there have been lots of older discussions about how to work around that or use them. 

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