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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ryan! 

I'm sorry to say, there isn't a native Mac version of Storyline on our roadmap. The vast majority of our customers use Windows and web-based authoring tools that don’t depend on a particular operating system. And we're focused on developing features that have the widest impact.

For example, Articulate 360 subscribers can use Rise to create courses right in their web browsers, and we’re continually updating Rise with new features. So Rise, can be used natively on a Mac. It’s web-based and is supported in all modern web browsers. Watch this video introduction to learn more.

We’ve also introduced Peek for Mac, a native screen-recording app for Mac. Watch this video for an overview.

Other web-based experiences in Articulate 360 (Content Library, Articulate Review, and Articulate Live) are supported in all modern web browsers for Mac and Windows computers.

Any content you create with Articulate 360 apps can be viewed on Mac computers. 

Hope that helps, and if you haven't done so yet, take a look at the trial of Articulate 360 here! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lilian, 

I myself also use a Mac, but I've found that working in Parallels or VMWare allows me to run a Windows environment and work in Storyline. It's really fast and an easy transition between the two. I can understand if that's not ideal for your setup, but it hopefully provides an alternative to booting up that old PC machine when it's not collecting dust on your desk. 

Lilian Austin

I haven't tried it on my Mac after a very bad experience years and years
ago trying to use Articulate Engage in parallels. Maybe I will try

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lilian,

I hope you will try again - and if you get stuck anywhere, please know our team is here to help! You can reach our Support Engineers by connecting with them at this link. 

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Derek Whitaker

For consideration -- Many corporations have security policies which prevent parallels/boot camp from being utilized. I have a PC for the sole purpose of using the Articulate suite, which honestly creates a poor experience on my end. Just a ping in favor of a Mac-based application; I will never consider using Articulate for myself or with a future employer unless I can use it on Mac. 

Lilian Austin

I wonder how much money Articulate is foregoing in their stubborn refusal to develop a Mac version?  Lots of other companies have both PC and Mac options for purchase.  Articulate 360 is a very expensive purchase for a private consultant like me who only uses it when a client requests it. I have to maintain a PC machine for this purpose and if I need to work on something with a client at their premises I can't, because the Storyline file is not on my Mac laptop.  Very frustrating.  As H5P becomes more sophisticated, and installed on lots of LMSs I think I will probably let my Articulate licence lapse in the next couple of years.   

Neal Rieger

I agree with you Lilian. They may not lose enough potential customers to warrant Mac development, but I assume they've done their research in that area and not due to shortsightedness for growth opportunities. They do essentially lose people like me, because I use it when I have to (using Parallels) but generally don't recommend it to other Mac users who ask. It only gets a quick mention b/c while Parallels runs it acceptably, there is a small handicap in that it may not run reliably when using some of the more integrative features of Parallels. I'd rather have native or equal quality web-based tools.

Dan Thatcher

Totally agree with Lilian and Neal. It's ridiculous that I can't use Storyline natively on my Mac without Parallels or VMWare. I have purchasing power with my next job and I won't be recommending Articulate because of this. I will move in the direction of the Adapt Framework, Smartbuilder or Dominknow because I can collaborate with team members that are using Windows AND Mac. 


Look at what your competition is doing. Lectora, Dominknow, Adapt, Elucidat, Smartbuilder. ALL of these tools run on Macs!

Faye Evans

It wouldn’t bother me to use parallels and a VM but the truth is the amount of updates on windows and the time they take are beyond annoying!! Takes hours from my work time even when set to automatic. I also vote for a Mac version of Articulate. Please? Included are the security measures you have to take using windows. Frustrating and I love the product, so I do it but would seriously like to see a poll on how many of your clients would like a native version of Articulate?

Taylor Goldsberry

If we can't get a MAC version, at the very least, you can surely develop a Powerpoint plugin that either works online or for MAC. It doesn't have to be the full robustness, but the asset library, various screen capture modes such as "demo", and additional interactive instructional design elements are huge. 

The user experience is so frustrating. You should offer at the very least a RISE only pay option. It is hard to justify to a company that we are going to be able to leverage 20% of the tool unless we either buying a 1-2K PC for each team member, on top of their mac; or pay for some hack job workaround. 

I truly have never had to purchase some much additional software and services to run a suite of products. 


Adam Wells

Please consider providing a MAC version. My very large company, with a huge requirement for elearning is moving a lot of design and development to the MAC.

iPads are a lot better for education for many reasons. iBooks Author is starting to take off with Apple classroom and so we will move to MACs very soon. If Articulate storyline doesn't support the MAC we will jump ship and be forced to use your competitors programs. 

Hope you can understand times are changing in the classroom and I feel you should provide the flexibility to the Apple platform.

Regards Adam

Susan Jones

Viewing courses on MAC is not the issue BUILDING is. You are sadly limiting people's ability to use the platform that they want and causing them an additional fee and pain of running vm ware or parallels. My mac was never the same after installing parallels and windows with its continuous updates....please stop being so stubborn and keep up with the competition. 

Adam Wells

Hi Leslie

The problem is not the viewing, it is the design and development, or as Susan Jones quite rightly says the  'building'.

I agree with Susan below, you need to keep up with the ever changing training technology world. I am not a great lover of Apple, but their iPad and apple classroom setup is gaining a lot of pace. In adult further education, industry and military training centers they are moving to this type of setup method, because it is easy to setup, control and design and develop for. I have been in the military and industry training for many years and I'm sure many will back me here when I say that things are starting to move in Apples direction.

I have written directly to Articulate help about support for the iMac, but I again ask you to do the same. We want to keep using your product, it is good with great support. All it needs is being ported to the Mac, not a quick thing I know but why risk losing all this business because once we move to another platform I'm sorry to say we will not be back.

I look forward to your reply.

Kindest Regards Adam