Does capitalization matter in a Storyline quiz?

Oct 16, 2012

Hi there...

I have a fill-in question in my eLearning, and I've given the user 3 choices (accounting for mis-spelling).  However, a user claims that even though they are typing in the correct answer, it is still grading it as incorrect.  The only thing I can see is that she used a capital "A" when I did not list any option with capital letters. 

So my questions are:

- Does capitalization count?

- What if she is inadvertantly pressing the space bar; would that matter?

Any info you can provide is appreciated.  Thanks!


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Phil Mayor

Hi Judy, you can decide if you want capitals to matter in the question form.  A space at the end should not matter (this was corrected in the beta).  You may have checked this in the form.  Jot sure what would happen with a space at the beginning 

Why are you accounting for mis-spelling  I have had this discussion in the past with SME's and I think it is wrong to give credit for mis-spelling a word

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