Storyline text entry : All caps/Uppercase

Apr 12, 2019

Hi there !

I am working on a project with a lot of Text Entries, many of them are product references (which are written in capital letter only).
I know how to use the == (ignore case) condition to check the answers and make the exercises work, but for the learners it would make more sense if they could just write the reference and see it written in capital letters, without having to use Caps Lock.

The idea here is just make things more convenient for the end user, any idea how to do that ?

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Stefano Craba

Hi Salome';

I don't know how you've developed your project so I'm not sure if this solution will work for you;

what about setting up the reference for the variable All Caps? when the user writes it still be lower case but as it loses focus the variable reference would show All Caps;

check the file, it will make more sense;


hope this help;

best regards.

Tania Ferrario

Hi Salomé,

I don't know if you still need to find a solution.

In a course I had the same need, to automatically show in capitalized letters what the user typed in a text entry field, while he was typing.

I solved it by executing this javascript when timeline starts:


Hope it can help you!



Jordi Serrano

Buenos días. He leído todo lo posible en los posts para que una letra se ponga automáticamente en uppercase, pero no he conseguido encontrar la manera de implementarlo. Como necesito tener un puzzle con uppercase para este lunes, le he dado mil vueltas y al final me ha salido esto:

Si la montaña no viene a mí, entonces mejor que yo vaya a la montaña.

Por cierto, la montaña está aquí:

William Johnston

A colleague helped me with this: 

Add a trigger on the text entry field:
Execute javascript when TextEntry changes.

var player = GetPlayer();

var newVar = player.GetVar("TextEntry");

newVar = newVar.toUpperCase();

player.SetVar("TextEntry", newVar);

(In this example, the variable is called "TextEntry".  You'll need to adjust the javascript if you have renamed the variable.)

Jennifer McConnell

Hello! I tried William's code and it worked for me, but I actually need the learner to enter their first and last name for use in a certificate and I'd like for it format both names with a capital letter. Does anyone know or have a code snippet for changing the text entry value to title case? Thank you!