Does Player "Search" search text on layers? lightboxes?


I've done some rudimentary testing on this but I'm afraid it's unclear. In a nutshell, when using the default search utility in the Player, what does it search? What doesn't it search? For example, does it search content in Layers and Lightboxes, or in Activity Feedback pop-ups?

And if it does search these objects, when you click the link from the search results, presumably it takes you simply to the page that has the layer/alert object, but doesn't trigger that object to show you exactly where the text is? Is that right.

Appreciate someone expanding on the limits of Player search.

Thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave, 

The search is described as:  

  • Search: Mark this box to include a search field on the Menu tab of your player. Learners can use this to search for content within your slides or slide notes. Keep in mind that because the Search field is part of the Menu tab, it'll only appear in your published course if you've marked Menu in the Player Tabs area of the Player Properties window.

So with that in mind, lightboxes are slides and layers are part of a slide. It will not find text within an image or a video though, so if you'll expect user's to search for those elements you may want to add captions below an image or video or include the information within the slide notes. 

chadi El-Khoury

I have found that using the search functionality does work to find text on layers, but the layers are not revealed when when the course is redirected to the slide where the word is found. Is there a way to add a trigger or variable so that: when the user clicks on the menu item "cattywampus," to show layer called "cattywampus," or to show any layer where the word "cattywampus" is located?

Philippe JEANTY

I also have problems with search: when Published to a CD player form i have the Menu with the search box but the search results are very unreliable.

For instance in this presentation

Searching the word "recess" (slide 40-7,-8) do not appear

Same with "suprapineal"

What is the problem ?


Philippe JEANTY

Oh I appreciate your keen knowledge ! What i am still lacking is the more in-depth knowledge that will make the presentation express itself better. Currently i did all the tutorials and read a lot of the forum, but this is a rather haphazard way of learning!

At some point I will also have to add narration and translations, but one hill at a time :)