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Dane Boyington

Yes, definitely I was speaking of playback, not authoring. 

Then again, it doesn't meet the specific playback requirements provided since all the browsers specify a specific platform, and ChromeOS is not one of the platforms. I know it has the Chrome browser, but I don't know the specific browser version or Flash version.

I'm hoping that it just generally works - I suspect we'll have to actually try it out. I just don't have a Chromebook to try on!

Leticia Vega Garcia


I´ve just got one to test it. I haven´t uploaded contents yet to an LMS, but I´m playing the  contents from dropbox´s public link. The first time I played a module it took a long time to load, not only the first slide but from any slide to the next one. Now I´m running the module again and it seems to run more smoothly but still takes some time to jump from one slide to another... If you want we can keep in touch to try different modules from different environments (dropbox, LMS, etc.) to see the results...Anyone interested?