Does this work with LearnDash? Best WordPress compatible LMS to use?

Mar 30, 2019

As the title states. I'm currently using LearnDash with WordPress. Does Articulate work with LearnDash LMS or will I need a different LMS? If so, what have people used successfully with a WordPress website in conjuction with Articulate.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bryan,

We don't have a list of verified or approved  Learning Management Systems (LMS), as Storyline supports AICC, SCORM, and Tin Can API (xAPI) standards. LearnDash is one mentioned often by folks in the community, so I think you'd be safe to continue using it. I don't know much about how it interfaces with WordPress though - so I'll leave that to the community! 


Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Bryan,

Yes, Articulate content can be uploaded on WordPress and used on LearnDash LMS. You will need GrassBlade xAPI Companion for doing that. 

Additionally, you will also need GrassBlade Cloud LRS or GrassBlade LRS, if you want to:
1.  Use Tin Can API (xAPI) 
2. Track user data like attempts, completions, user inputs like answer responses, or essay responses.
3. Restrict progress of LearnDash Lesson till the content is completed, and mark the lesson as completed automatically. 
4. Pass Articulate quiz scores to LearnDash reports, as well as award certificates based on scores in Articulate based quiz. 

- Pankaj
(from GrassBlade) 


Bret Weinraub

I personally can't speak to how well Articulate works with LearnDash, but we run a lot of articulate content on WordPress with Bright:

Bright includes several optimizations that address some of the operational challenges of Articulate Rise content:


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