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Feb 20, 2013


I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to create a comparison chart.  I am working on Storyline. We are going to give users a list (lets say a list of restaurants).  Then the users will have the chance to click on 2 options and compare them (ie the prices). 


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Melissa,

I think it really depends on the level of interaction you'd like to have in the chart and whether or not you want any type of scoring involved. if you're not concerned with scoring, you could do this with layers pretty easily. 

Say you have four restaurants, and four images, one for each restaurant. Clicking on any of the images could show an expanded view of that image that contains additional information. If they click on another one of the images, they could be lined up, side by side. 

Another option would be light boxes (just because I love them) and variables. You could do this with layers, too. Have a variable that records which images are selected. Depending on the images, you could have a light box or layer open that displays the two topics and compares them. 

Melissa Jorge

Thanks for your quick response!

We have 11 items and we are trying to have users compare any 2.  If I use layers, can you explain how they could line up side by side? 

You did give me a good idea which may take some time but I think it should work.  I can have the users select one item which will open up a layer.  Then in that layer I can have them click on one of the 10 other items (or use a marker) which will reveal that items information. 

I am actually learning how to use variable and light boxes.  How can I make a variable record the image selected? (Sorry I am a still learning.)

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Melissa,

Actually, you wouldn't really need the variables if you use your idea with the layers. I think that would work really well. Maybe you could add a "Reset" button, or "Close" button on that layer as well, so the user can return to the main layer and view/compare other items. 

Another option.. maybe states? Just thinking and writing at this point, but states may be a little less work than all of the layers, but it would really depend on how you want the information for the comparison to display. Again, though, this way only be a good object if you want to display the comparison information on one layer. It may become a little too tedious if you want to do a lot of additional effects or provide a lot of varying information for each item. If that's what you're wanting to do, layers would be the best choice.

I did put together a very quick example of comparing the items with states. Click here to see the published version.

I'm also attaching the file, just in case you want to see how I set up the states and the triggers.

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