Down State doesn't work on mobile

Oct 19, 2017

I'm building a course for mobile devices, and I use the down state as an integral part of my course. I tested it on the computer, and the down states work as intended. But when I tested it on my android, none of the down states work. I know mobile doesn't have hover states, but does it also lack down state functionality? 

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Stephanie Smith

I was using chrome. A coworker tested it on apple in the safari browser, it still didn't work. 

However, I tested your sample file on my android (in the chrome browser) and the down state did work. I'm not sure why the down state doesn't work in my file on mobile. I'm using images, instead of shapes or buttons, with down states that show a text box. On other slides, when the user presses down on an image, it changes the state of another image. It all works correctly in storyline and on a computer, but not on mobile. 

Is this a bug in my file?

Stephanie Smith

The link you shared in your last comment DOES work, which makes me think the problem is how I'm publishing the course. I published it to web, zipped it within the storyline "Publish Successful" popup, then upload the zipped file to, then send the link to my phone and test it. 

When published like that, the down states do NOT work. Did you publish it differently?

Stephanie Smith

Hi Alyssa,

I published my course using the latest version of storyline, but the down state is still inactive when used on mobile. I even had someone else publish it using the latest version, but the down state still didn't work on mobile.

It seems you published using storyline 360. Perhaps this down state issue is a Storyline 3 bug?

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