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Feb 06, 2015

Hi Guys,

                  I am new to articulate, I am facing a problem in drag and drop template.

Objective - Reset draggable object to its position, if dragged to wrong drop target.


I want the correct and incorrect dialog box to appear after each object is dropped to some drop target, after which the position of the draggable object set to its original position from where it has been dragged, If drop target is wrong.


If, i had any trigger to object(image), to make the correct and incorrect dialog to appear upon dropping on drop target, the  condition on drag&drop option of from view is not working, if trigger is not there then the  drag&drop option of from view is working.

I want the dialog box to appear upon dropping on each drop target, the if that drop target is wrong, the position of that object alone should be reset to the place where it is dragged from.

I am using Articulate Storyline2, thanks in advance



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pradeep kumar

Yes ,i have tried in both options... removing the triggers for the
objects placed on stage to show the correct and incorrect feedback...it
works(position resetting of drag and drop)...but if triggers are there it doesn't...adding trigger doesn't allow the drag and drop option of resetting position not to work...

pradeep kumar

Hi Ashley,

                    Thanks a lot.So, Is there a way to achieve both the things? I need feedback for each dropped item and when it's wrong, it should go back to its original position.Like getting the x,y position when it's dragged and assign them manually(which resets the position of object), when it's wrong. such things possible in Articulate...or any other way to achieve my task described above.

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