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Jun 30, 2016


I have a query on the drag and drop feature in Storyline. Is it possible to have the drag items to remain on the screen, even after they are dropped into the drop targets? I am asking this because there is a situation where the same drag item is dropped into 2-3 drop targets.

For example, the drag item "feedback " is dragged into drop target 3, but another instance of  drag item"feedback" should remain on screen so that it can also be dragged into drop target 10.

Please let me know a simple way to do this.



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Sajna Thomas

Hello Wendy,

I tried this, but the issue is say 'Feedback' can be put in either of the 2 Drop targets (DTs). So the first 'Feedback' will be put in DT 3 and the second 'Feedback' (hidden under the first) in DT 10. But what if the learner puts the second feedback in DT3 and the first in DT10. In this case the answer will be displayed wrong as the first 'Feedback' has been programmed to be put in DT3 and the second in DT10.

Chris Basson

Hi Wendy. I would like to pick your brain on something. I've looked at your file and you have done something that I did not know you could do in Storyline. How did you convert the rectangles to drag items without using a drag and drop interaction. I would love to recreate this but I am intrigued to know how you can have D&D items and pick one in the same  slide. Thanks Chris

Wendy Farmer

Hey Chris

it's a smoke and mirrors trick - lol.  

By using the freeform pick one with two offstage buttons 'correct' and 'incorrect' this is what drives the interaction.  Then you customise the drag and drop using states to control what you want. Sure it uses more triggers and can take a little longer to build but if it give the desired result that's the main thing.

Hope that helps

Jeanette Brooks did a screencast of using Pick One for evaluating more than one text entry field as well - very cool.  Will post it here when I find it.

Here 'tis

Chris Basson

Hi Wendy

Thanks for all this, I really appreciate the time that you take to help me. I am fine with using the pick one activity to evaluate multiple inputs and the 'coding' of it. I think my question is a bit more basic than that.

The only way I know how to get an object to be draggable is to convert it to a freeform 'drag-and-drop'. In your example, with the two circles, you used a freeform 'pick one' but you still managed to have some items to drag around. My question is how do you make an item draggable without converting the whole thing to a drag-and-drop freeform. I'm sure the answer is pretty basic but it is something that I'm not familiar with.


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