Drag and drop using combinations and multiple items?

Nov 13, 2023


I am not quite sure how to make a project work. 

I have 7 items. The items can be used to make 12 combinations. 

I've attached a visual. 

Each blue item can be dragged to the blue drop target. 

Each orange item can be dragged to the orange drop target. 

Where I am getting stuck:

1. Each item has to be able to be dragged over a total of 3 times. So if it is dragged once, it must still be available on the screen to drag over 2 more times for additional combinations. 

2. My drag-and-drop targets are invisible boxes. Depending on the combination dropped, the image (shown in yellow) needs to change states. For example, Image AD will show when A and D are dropped on the targets. 

3. Then, the image must be reset to normal for the next round (12 rounds). 


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Catherine Gorman

Hi Jeni,

Is there a specific reason you need this whole interaction to happen in one slide? 

The easiest solution that comes to mind would be to use 3 slides and have options A, B, and C already set for your learners so they can drag the other 4 options to a single drop target. This would eliminate the complications you're running into with resetting the activity after each combination.

Walt Hamilton

Seriously consider Catherine’s suggestion. What you describe cannot be done with the built-in Drag and Drop.

You can create your own version that will do what you want. For some things that you can do, see the sample at this post:


It can be done, but involves a lot of work.