Drag and drop activity based on sequence within a drop target

Hi guys,

I'm creating an activity wherein a user is instructed to put five items in a box and arrange them in a correct order based on clues given to them. Example: X can be next to Y, but cannot be next to Z.. that kind of activity.

I've attached a rapid prototype of what I'm trying to achieve. It is not functional yet, but it gives an idea of the game. Right now all the coloured boxes are set to be dropped in the big gray box. That way, you can drag them all into the box then move them around within the drop target to arrange them.

Is there a way to create an activity based on the sequence order within the drop target? Would really appreciate help with this! Thank you!

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Ria Fernandez

Hi Wendy, thanks so much for the response! What you made is a simple drag and drop. I was wondering if there's a way to move the coloured shapes around and rearranging them after you've dropped them in the drop targets?

I tried experimenting some more with this, and the closest I got to was to turn on the setting that allows only one item in each drop targets. Just wanted to check if anyone had a better solution to this.

Thanks for your help!