Drag and Drop Activity not Functioning as Expected

Nov 01, 2023

Hello Everyone,

Looking for some help here. I have a drag and drop activity where the user has to drag work appropriate items onto a mannequin.

I'm running into an issue when an "incorrect" item stays on the mannequin, in addition to correct items, yet it is still being marked as correct. According to the triggers, the activity is not supposed to be marked as correct so I am having trouble figuring out how to fix this.

I've attached a video that will better help understand the issue. This is what happens:

1. Trigger for flip flip says that the activity cannot be marked correct if the flip flops are on the mannequin. "Show layer correct when state of flip flop = drop incorrect" (drop incorrect means it is NOT on the mannequin)

2. You'll see me run through the activity. First, when I place the flip flips I get the feedback saying it's incorrect (this is good and part of what I want).

3. I don't move the flip flops back, and put appropriate items onto the mannequin in addition to the flip flops that have stayed there.

4. Click "I'm Ready" then it still shows the feedback saying it's correct, despite the flip flops being on the mannequin

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Lindsey! 

Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing a screen recording of what you are experiencing. What a creative interaction you're working on! ✨👗

I'd like to take a closer look at your setup. Please upload your .story file to this thread or privately to a support case. It will be helpful for other community members as well to chime in on suggestions and workarounds! 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Steven Benassi

Hi Lindsey!

I see that you've been receiving some great help from the community and also opened a support case. Smart move!

It looks like my colleague Darrell picked up your case and is conducting some tests with the file you shared. You're in great hands working with him and he should be reaching out to you shortly!

We can continue this conversation in your support case to keep all information in one spot.