Drag and Drop - Answer is correct, but Results show as Incorrect

May 11, 2020

I am working on a quiz that features a drag-and-drop question. The user is to select all correct answers (3 out of a possible 4 answers) and drag them to the drop oval. When I choose correctly and hit "submit," the appropriate "Correct" answer comes up, and I move on. However, when I review my answers from the Results page, this question always shows up as "Incorrect." Any ideas?

Here is the quiz. The question I'm referring to is the one titled, "DRAG-AND-DROP INTERACTION": https://360.articulate.com/review/content/3568e01c-b14c-4516-88c9-e235ea6936b4/review

For reference, the correct pictures are all the ones that are not rain. I added a Word doc with screen shots to show in a sequence what I'm writing about above.

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Michael!

Thanks for walking us through what's going on. I'm also seeing the correct answers show as incorrect during review — let's dig in!

First, let's look at the drag-and-drop slide's Slide Properties:


What option is enabled for When revisitingResume saved state is a good choice when using the review feature so that the review will show what learners answered correctly and incorrectly. 

If everything checks out in this area, are you comfortable with sharing the .story file so I can take a closer look? Use this secure upload link to send it along.

Michael Richter

Hi again,

You helped me last week to fix an issue I had on a drag and drop interaction with resuming a saved state in my quiz. I've now added a Hover state to the pics in the slide, so that when the user mouses over them, a description pops up. However, I noticed that now, if the learner selects ALL the pictures, the answer pops up as correct. Can you tell me if I need to do something with the hover states now that I've added one to each picture? Or maybe I've turned something on or off that I shouldn't have? I just uploaded the .story file to the link you gave me last week.




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