Drag and drop around a map

Aug 05, 2016

Are there any good tutorials for an interaction where I have a map and the learner needs to drag and drop (or place) an object on a specific point to access the information (like a treasure map).  Each spot on the "map" would show a different slide/set of slides and then when completed return to the original and go on to the next.

I know I can do it easily if I just have them click on an object, but I would like to include the interactivity of them moving an object from point to point.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Kimberly Lococo

Have you tried adding Hotspots to the map and then create a Trigger for the object(s) you want to drop?  For example, if you have one object and want to drop on various hotspots on the map.

Trigger: Jump to slide (or whatever you want to show) When (Object name) is dropped on (Hotspot name).

Then when they complete the slide (or set of slides), have a button or the Next button return them back to the Map slide.

I hope that helps!

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