Drag and Drop as a trigger

May 15, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am making a software simulation which involves a drag and drop action (Such a great new feature). I was hoping to make this drag and drop action a trigger so once the user has placed the drag item into the drop position it automatically advances to the next slide without having to press submit (which is ruining the flow a bit).

Has anyone come across a way to do this?

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James Brandwood

To answer my own question you can do it by setting the trigger wizard to this.

However in the 'When' menu, selecting 'Object dropped on' or 'Object dragged over does the same thing. In both cases as soon as the picture comes into contact with the destination it jumps to the next slide. I would have thought dropped on would mean it would only advance when the user releases the mouse button after dragging the object across.

Next question, can you make it so the submit button isn't there and replace it with a next and previous button?

James Brandwood

So perhaps i should look longer before asking question.

You can get rid of the submit button this way:

By the way, i love the 'reset to initial state' option. Thanks to whoever thought of that.

I would still like more info on the 'drag over' 'drop on' option in the triggers settings. I've switched it back and forth a few times now and still can't see any difference between the two.


Ron Price

I am afraid to answer, because you are probably finding out as I am typing this:

The "drag over" option initiates the trigger time you drag the item over, even if you do not actually place it there.  The "drop on" option does not launch the trigger until you actually let go of your mouse button, and place the item.

James Brandwood

Haha, yeah sorry about doubling up on the answers.

Thanks for your latest answer. I must have been doing something wrong when I was testing the two options because regardless of which one I selected tey both acted like 'drag over'.

But I have just changed it to 'drop on' and it is working as it should - no idea what I was doing wrong earlier.

Thanks again!

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