Adding incorrect feedback sounds, drag and drop

Sep 04, 2014

Hi -

I have a drag and drop activity. When a dragged object is released over an incorrect drop location, the drag object snaps back to original position - this is as intended and fine. But, when I add a sound to the snap-back (incorrect sound), the incorrect locations accept the drop (as if it was correct) - this is bad. It seems that by adding the play media trigger the snap-back feature stops working.

The trigger is: action (play media); media (incorrect sound); when (object dropped on); object (object_name); dropped on (multiple incorrect drop objects).

Ideas? Thank you.


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Gena Hocson

Hi Amy,

I did a quick test and it looks like you're right. The Play Media trigger seems to override the 'correct drops only' setting of the interaction.

It seems Storyline is getting confused because we are telling it two conflicting things: don't allow drops outside of the correct area, BUT play a sound when it DOES happen?

I think the remaining option for this to work, is to allow the incorrect drops to happen, and give the user the option to redrag until the correct answers are chosen.

Hope this helps!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jennifer!

Thanks for sharing your file. I will share this with our QA Team as I've not seen it reported before nor do I know if this is expected or not. 

Typically a snap back is a good visual for an incorrect response, when you expect the user to get it all correct before submission. Seems like you are doing this with audio though so both seem unnecessary, but sounds like that is what you are looking for and I will share this with the team.

Sharlia Lee

Hi Leslie,

Our client requested to have both the "incorrect return to position" enabled and an incorrect "buzzer" sound play when a drop is incorrect. It seems that when we attempt to trigger the audio either on the question slide or on an additional layer, the "snap back" functionality gets disabled.

How can we have both? Also, I noticed on a drag n drop question, when attempting to set a "drop incorrect" or "drop correct" state which should be automatic, it highlights yellow and displays an "state not set/available error". However, in the states list there is not way to set this. Help?

Walt Hamilton

As nearly as I can tell, adding any trigger to the dropped item stops all the built-in Drag and Drop actions except assessing Correct or Incorrect.

You make the Drop Incorrect/Correct states available by Editing the states and creating a new state. Then they show up in the drop down menu. You need them if you want a visual indicator, but to see it, you need to deselect Delay drop item states until interaction is submitted.

This sample has one method for getting both a snap back, and a sound.

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