Drag and drop seq. - adding sound/no bounce back

Jun 01, 2020


I have a drag and drop sequence question, and i put a sound for a correct drop (image/text group is dropped).

When I add a trigger to play the 'incorrect' sound, I lose the bounce back that occurs with incorrect drops. (Bounce back set in drag & drop options)

Any idea what's going on?


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The items I am dragging are Groups (image + text). Maybe I'm missing something, but it doesn't look like I can use correct/incorrect states with it.

I can get a sound to play with a correct drop (Play audio X when user drops Y on Z). Not sure how to use States with Groups (possible?) for your solution Phil.


If I ungroup, then I can't drag the image and text at the same time, correct? That's the reason I grouped it, the text can't be placed in the image in a way that is legible.

Maybe I'll just have a sound for the correct drop and no sound for incorrect (so I can keep the bounce back). Unless you know a way?

Thanks for all your help!

Nisha Makan

I was having the same issue with the bounce back not working when I added an incorrect sound, and Phil's fix of playing the sound when state = incorrect worked for me.

However I did find that the incorrect sound would only play the sound intermittently and added the following to get it to play every time.

1. Created a new True/False variable called tempSound

2. Added the following triggers for each drag item
    When the state of dragItem is Drop Incorrect

- Stop audio incorrect sound

- Play audio incorrect sound

- set tempSound = True

3. Added the following triggers for when tempSound changes

- Change state of dragItem to Normal (repeat trigger for all your drag items)
   if tempSound == True
   and the state of dragItem ≠ Drop Correct
   and the state of dragItem ≠ Hidden

- repeat trigger above for all your drag items

- Set tempSound = False
  if tempSound == True