Drag and drop bug

Jun 03, 2019

Hi, does anyone have a solution for this drag and drop bug? 

When user drags out an existing option from the drop area, the submit button doesn't recognise it as an invalid answer. Instead, it marks all options as correct/wrong.

I've attached the file here. Thanks for the help in advance=]

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Andrea,

The drag and drop appears to be working OK. There are three options:

a.  the correct answer is selected and the correct layer appears when the submit button is clicked.

b.  the wrong answer is selected and the incorrect layer appears when the submit button is clicked.

c. no attempt is made to answer the question and the invalid layer appears when the submit button is clicked.

If an item is dragged into the drop zone, even if it is subsequently removed, it is considered as an attempt at answering the question. Therefore, if the correct item is not dropped in the drop zone before the submit button is clicked, it will be considered as an incorrect answer (even if nothing is dropped in the drop zone to replace the item that was removed).

The reason you then have the True shape showing with a tick and the False shape showing with a cross is because of the two triggers you have added to the Incorrect layer:

Wizlearn Technologies

Thank you Ned! Yes there are no issues with the correct and wrong answers. I only had issues with the part when the user drags the item into the drop box and subsequently removes it. From a user's point of view, counting it as an attempt looked like a bug. Is there a way to trigger it such that it is recognised as an invalid answer instead of an attempted one?

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