Drag and Drop - Choose one of the correct elements

Apr 29, 2020

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a Drag and Drop, where I have six drag-elements and one drop-target. Two of the drag-elements are the correct ones but only one drag-element can be put on the drop-target. I want the user to get the full points and the correct feedback, if he drags one of the two correct ones onto the drop-target and no points/false feedback, if he chooses one of the four false drag-elements...

Hope anyone can help :-)

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Doc!

Because each drag item can be matched to only one drop target, this calls for a fun design challenge!

One approach is to build a freeform pick-one question simulating a drag-and-drop:

I'm excited to see what other crafty ideas the community will share!

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