Drag-and-Drop (DnD) Interaction: Keyboard Capable

The DnD is engaging if built appropriately and becomes popular in online courses. WIth the built-template it is pretty easy to build and customize as needed.

However, how can I make the DnD capable with the keyboard, rather than a mouse, for the accessibility? Is there anyone who has successfully built the interaction that is capable with keystroke to be 508 compliant?

Nowadays, all the web sites and eLearning courses must be compliant with accessibility by law. Can anyone help with this accessible compliance for DnD interaction?


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Li Li

Yes, I know that DnD is NOT 508 compliant now. However, with the HTML5 output of the storyline, is it possible in future? 

Any online resources, including the eLearning courses, must be 508 compliant, at least, for federal agencies. Is it impossible to make it happen in Storyline or Articulate product in future?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Li Li,

I don't have information to share about future updates or versions and what features may be included, but since a Drag and drop involves the user of the mouse (or a finger movement within HTML5) I suspect it would remain that way and I'm not sure how it would be created to be 508 compliant.