Drag and Drop Feature on Storyline

May 25, 2016

I've made a drag and drop activity on Storyline and every time I go to submit my activity it says "Invalid Answer - You must complete the question before submitting".

I don't want to alter the player settings, I want the activity to work. All I'm trying to do is place 6 sticky notes onto an agenda. I've made the drop targets correctly I believe, but they still do not work. I've attached a picture for help!

Please advise! Thank you :)

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Maia Wintrob

Hi Steve, do you happen to know why when I submit my interaction the incorrect layer wont show up? (The correct answer is all of the sticky notes).

When I place all the sticky notes in the agenda the slide goes to the correct screen. When I purposely choose a wrong answer it just skips the results page and moves on to the next slide. I've attached the document again.

Thank you for your help!

Steve  Galway

It looks like it's lost the link to the layers. If you look in the interaction options - feedback is set to 'none'. I've attached a copy below. I set feedback to 'by question', deleted your old layers and applied your styling to the correct and incorrect layers. I think this is working OK now but let me know if you need anything else.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Maia -- So glad to see that Steve was able to assist! As you mentioned that you are new to using SL2, I thought I might take a quick moment to stop in and pass along some general resources that you might find useful to help familiarize you with Storyline:

Hope that helps! :)

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