Drag Object state changes to drop incorrect when not dropped anywhere

Apr 02, 2017

Hello people!

Is it possible to have drag objects in a drag&drop NOT to change to drop incorrect state if not dropped on any target?

I've set drop correct and drop incorrect states for the drag objects, and usually everything works great, but I have an activity where there are 2 extra answers (so I have 4 drop targets with 6 drag objects, of which 2 are never correct). My problem is, that when the learner does the activity correctly and leaves the 2 extra objects alone (as they are supposed to), they change to drop incorrect state, looking as if the learner made a mistake which they didn't do).

So do you have any suggestions for me to set up the activity with the objects left alone NOT changing states?

Thank you!


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Anna M

Here is the slide. So I need the objects to have the little red X-es only if they are dropped incorrectly in the yellow box. (The extras also have some feedback attached to them, and it all worked great until the client wanted to add the red X-es).

Hope this will work. Thank you for your help!

Walt Hamilton

I see your problem, and if there is a fix, it is not an easy one. The problem is that if the distractors don't have a target drop area, they don't show as incorrect. But if you set the background where they sit as their correct drop area, that doesn't work either, because they only register their presence if the user actually moves them (and then they move to the center of the drop area.) The closest I can suggest is to change a variable if they are dropped on one of the drop areas. Then when the user presses KONTROLLE, change the state to Incorrect, if the variable is True. That works, except when the user drags one of them to a drop area, then changes their mind, and drags another item there. The distractor is automatically moved back, but there is no way for SL to recognize that.

I changed Herr Fitsch to do what I described.

An additional thought is that sometimes there can be problems with trigger order. If the submit interaction trigger is first on the list, it is possible that not all the other triggers get evaluated soon enough, and results are inconsistent. I would move it to last in the list, even though it is not causing the problem you have.

I am attaching a sample drag and drop, which shows a lot of things, but I think Item5 may be of most interest to you. It has no drop area target, but does register as Correct and Incorrect. The drawback is that to get it to work, I had to allow multiple items to be dropped on a target area, and the user must actively drag it off an incorrect spot.

These are the only two ways I know of to accomplish what you want, and they both have drawbacks.  You have to choose which you prefer to live with. Good luck.

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