Drag and Drop Font Sizes Different

Hi Articulate team.

I've seen posts for this issue from as far back as 4-years! Is there a remedy planned to allow users to switch off the automatic 'squeeze to fit'?

It would be better if overflow text ran out the bottom of the box than this annoying resizing. It looks terrible! 

For the moment I'll make my own drag and drop using objects. Bit disappointed with Articulate on this one. Defeats the purpose of having a click-and-go quiz format. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Steven.  I see what you mean, and yes, when you've got an option with more text, it doesn't appear consistent with the other options that "fit" into the box.

Text in Matching Drag and Drop questions will automatically adjust size to fit inside the drag-and-drop objects. This is by design.  A common alternative is to use a Matching Drop Down question type instead.

But please let our development team know what would work better for you by using this Feature Request Form.  We always use input like yours to help our decision making!