Drag and drop free form questions and states...

Apr 01, 2016

I'm working on a little project using a drag and drop interaction. It's working pretty well, but I'm having an issue with the states of an object. My couch with the rotate icon embedded should rotate 90 degrees each time it's clicked. This works if only one of my triggers is enabled, but not with the others enabled, even though I have different conditions set for each one.

Also, is there any way to "save" the location of these objects once they are placed on the drop location, so that they can be restored to that location when the course is re-visited? I think you can see where I'm going with this. Project file is attached below.

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Phil Mayor

Triggers fire from top to bottom (I am sure you know that bit) so if you have a sequential order then the state has changed before you can see it so the next one fires, so the simple thing is to put them in reverse order, I messed around with the order and couldn't work out the reverse order so settled for 3 state changes working.

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