How to Restricted the submit button activation after all the items dragged into the drop target

Jan 29, 2018

Hi, I am creating the Drag and drop quiz.  My drag and drop, I enabled the "Return Item to start point if dropped outside" and Allow only one item in each drop target. there for when user drop the item into the drop target, then he drag another item into the same drop target, the previous answer will drop back to it original location.

Problem 1: I am not able to restrict all the items must put in the drop target then only visible the Submit button.

Problem 2: How to reset a variable when drag and drop object goes back to it's original place.

Hope someone can help me on this. Thank you.

Attached is the sample articulate file.

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Phil Mayor

For problem 2 add a drop incorrect state and in form option uncheck the delay option. Then adjust the variable when the state is drop  incorrect.

Problem 1 is difficult to do an most solutions are flakey, you could change state when dropped or increment variables but neither account for when you remove an object from the drop target.


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