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Feb 09, 2018


I need a little help adjusting a SL3 drag and drop interaction:

1. The user is supposed to remove a widget from some machinery and then drop it anywhere on the screen background

2. When the user drops the widget, it triggers a move with relative starting point, so the widget moves out of the screen from where it was dropped.

Problem is that no matter what I do, the widget always snaps to the center of the drop target and moves from there, which ruins the whole interaction.

In the Drag target options, I have ticked the checkbox "Snap dropped items to drop target" and selected "free", which to my understanding should result in the dropped item staying where it was dropped?

I have attached a prototype that shows my problem. Any help is much appreciated :-)



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Michael Marcos

Hi Martin,

I do not have Storyline 3, but I downloaded your prototype, which simulated your issue perfectly in Storyline 360.

To stop the yellow box from snapping to the middle of the blue box before moving down and off the screen, I had to right click inside the blue box, go into Drag and Drop, and change the setting there from Snap to Center to Free


I just downloaded Storyline 3 (free trial), and can say that the method mentioned above can be used in this version too.

Hope this helps.

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