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Nov 07, 2019

Hello my fellow e-learning heroes. I have been trying to figure out the correct triggers to hide the wrong answers in my project. I am using a custom drag and drop slide that shows 17 possible answers, if the learner drags the wrong answer to the target I want it to disappear leaving the remaining possibilities visible. The project will have a total of 15 slides one for each correct answer, there are 2 extra terms. I have tried many combinations and I'm just not having any luck. The object is for the learner to keep trying until the correct term is selected, then go to the next slide. File attached.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. 


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Barbara Herman

If you could verify my thinking that would be great:

If I want each slide to save the final interaction I will need to create a new set of variables for each slide, correct? As I copy each slide I need to edit all triggers to the correct variable.

If I don't care if the slide reset then I only need one set of variables, correct?

Wendy Farmer
Barbara Herman

want each slide to save the final interaction

I changed the attempts to unlimited on this slide so do you need 17 slides?

Can't they just keep retrying on this one slide, if they get it wrong they'll see the try again layer, and if they get it right they see the correct layer?

Or am I missing the point altogether?

Barbara Herman

I guess I really don't need to allow the learner a look back since I will provide a document after the activity that has all the terms with definitions.

So, is my thinking correct here: There are 15 definitions so I would need to create 15 different states on the text box and add a condition to the triggers if text box is state b then x is correct ...x being the hexagon with the correct term and b is the matching definition. 

After each correct answer, to reset the slide and change the state of text box I will need to add a trigger "reset the results" and change the state of the text box?

Barbara Herman

I started to create a mock-up and feel that it would be easier to have a slide for each definition. Since learners will most likely never reenter the activity to review. I am going to have the slides properties set to "Reset to initial state" if the learner chooses to review, than I only need 1 set of variables. This going to be an opening activity in Rise 360 so I think it will work out.

If I need additional help I reach back out


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