Drag and drop in Storyline 360

Jun 10, 2020

Hi, I'm new to using Storyline 360 and I have tried to create a drag and drop (with no target drop area), all looks fine in Storyline for me but when I publish it the person I created it for says she can't interact with it or print it.  She has tried on a mobile, laptop and tablet using Firefox.  Any suggestions?


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Joe Hauglie

Jill: I just tried it and it works fine (interesting concept, btw) - I'm using a laptop and ran it in Chrome. Didn't try to print. I do tend to use Firefox for personal browsing at home and have found that Firefox has pretty strong controls that often need to be disabled. I'd suggest you try it yourself in FF and see what happens, then start nosing around the security features of however you're publishing it. Has your friend tried Chrome? I'd also make sure you're not publishing with Flash as a backup in any way. 

Best of luck!

Tom Kuhlmann

Works for me in Chrome, Firefox, and tested it on my iPad in Safari.

If it's not working for her a couple of possible issues:

  • The site isn't secure, it's possible that she has some sort of security setting that blocks interacting with the sites that aren't secure.
  • In the past, I've had browser extensions interfere with websites and courses. 

If she tests it in another browser, that may help her determine if it's just her Firefox or something different.

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