drag and drop - incorrect answers not snapping back

Sep 03, 2014

I have a drag and drop interaction where the correct answers will be hidden after they are "dropped" and the incorrect ones SHOULD snap back to their original place. However, they are staying fixed on the drop picture until you manually drag them back to their original place. How can I make them go back on their own? I am sure it has something to do with changing the state but I have tried everything I can think of. I also checked the "return items to start..." from the edit slide. Here are some screen shots of what is currently built. Thanks for helping me solve this

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Emily Ruby

Hello Lisa,

Looking at your image, the items are acting as they are designed. But if you want the incorrect items to be returned to their original spot -

go to your "Edit Drag and Drop" menu.You will want to select "Return items to start point if dropped outside" and select the correct drop target.

If you need anything further, please let us know.

Sarah Newman

Hi all,

I am having the same issue as this poster, but I already have the "Return item to start point if dropped outside" box checked and I selected "a correct drop target" from the dropdown menu. Despite having this setting correct (I'm working in Storyline 2... not sure if that changes anything), the objects are not snapping back to their original position. Any idea why, despite the settings being correct, this might be happening?

Sarah Newman

I figured it out! In case anyone has this issue in the future, I figured I should share the answer I came up with.

Apparently, drag and drop does not like objects with text in them. I had shapes that look like paper, and there is text written on the paper. When I saved the shape as a photo and tried again, the interaction worked exactly as expected. Weird, but glad I figured out how to do a work around!

Kai Dean

I am having this exact same issue with text boxes as the draggable items, they are not groups just shapes with text in them.  Changing the objects to an image is not an option as this is being translated into 42 languages.  I have "Return item to start point if dropped outside" box checked and "a correct drop target" selected, any suggestions? I am using Storyline 2.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kai,

Can you tell us more about what's occurring when you try to drop them or how they're snapping? It may help if you're able to share an example here - and as I mentioned grouped objects do have some difficulty. Are they individual text boxes sitting on top of shapes, or did you add text to the shape itself? 

Leanne Thiedeman

Hi There,

I am also having issues with a drag and drop activity. I am trying to add sound when dropped on to the correct/incorrect targets. The 'return item to start' function was working when I just had the correct sound added, but as soon as I added triggers for an incorrect drop they no longer returned. I tried manually right clicking each of the items to select the drag return but this has not made a difference. Any suggestions?

Brian McCann

I'm a newbie to Storyline 2. I am also having trouble with a similar issue. I have shapes with text inside and they are not snapping back into place when dropped on an incorrect target. I tried saving the shapes as pictures, but that didn't help either. The shapes/pictures aren't grouped and I made sure that they are all checked next to the Drag Return option. I can't attach a file publicly because it is proprietary. Thanks for all the future help!

Guillermo Alzuru

Hi, I have exactly the same situation described here in this thread. I noticed it is a bit old, I hope that is not a problem. And I have tried all the options mentioned: I replaced one of the shapes with an image; right-click on the object and selected Drag return. And still does not work.

In my project, every time an object is dragged into a box, a layer shows up with feedback. If it was the correct box, the item remains there. Id it was an incorrect box, it shows the layer with the feedback and a button hides the layer. I want the item to return to its original position but can't figure out how.

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