Drag and drop - incorrect target problem

May 26, 2012

Hi all,

Long time reader, first time poster!

I've made a drag and drop interaction that consists of 4 columns, with words that appear one at a time; the words need to be dragged onto the correct column.

I have set the words to appear one at a time, and also set for them to return to the starting position if dropped on the incorrect target. There are 20 words in total.

It was working just fine yesterday, and today I deleted one of the word options because it wasn't terribly relevant... and now the interaction has gone all haywire on me!

The words that belong in columns 1 and 4 still revert to the original position if dropped in the wrong column. The words that belong in columns 2 and 3 however, they now appear to be able to sit in either column 2 or 3. If they're dragged to the wrong column and submitted the result still comes out as correct. I've checked my Drag and Drop pairings, and they're all correct, same as they were yesterday.

Any suggestions for what I may have done?

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Jilly T

Thanks for that Bruce!

Attached is the file as you suggested... again, it was working fine until I did *something*, I'm not sure what.

Here's a screenshot of what the completed interaction should look like:

I'm finding that the items in the Mental and Behavioural columns have become interchangable and can be in either column. The same applies for some of the Emotional symptoms, which appear to be able to drop in the Behavioural column.

I've also taken a screenshot of my interaction settings - perhaps I ticked a box I shouldn't have? I have set the words to appear one at a time at 'random' (ie: I mixed them up myself)

Hope that's enough info to troubleshoot with!

Bruce Graham


For starters, could you try changing the "Revisit" state for the Quiz to that shown below, (set to "Initial State", @ moment you have "Automatically Decide").

I'm not able to have a deep look/play at this today, but that is one thing that may be affecting it. Hopefully someone else can have a look more quickly than I.



Annie Jean

Hi Jilly,

I have taken a look at your project and was able to reproduce the issue.

The main problem that I see is that your groups are overlapping each other.

So, when you drag a text in the middle of two rectangles it is over the right one.

Also, the rectangles are quite near each other and, even if the groups are ungrouped and that we use the rectangle themselves as the drop target, you can still put a label over two different categories.

My suggestion would be to place transparent shapes as drop target over the area the labels have to be dragged.

You could make those shapes smaller in width than the rectangles since the label only has to touch the drop area.

That way, a label could not be placed over two different drop target.

Hope it helps. If you need further information, don't hesitate to post back.

Have a nice day!

Jilly T

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for your feedback! It got my interaction back and working, and I think now it's more reliable too -

First I ungrouped the polaroids and rectangles, and set just the rectangles as the drop targets. This fixed the initial overlapping problem BUT if part of the dropped words were in the target it was happy to sit there.

So I tried your second suggestion, Annie, and placed smaller transparent shapes over the rectangles - now it's pretty much foolproof and there's no way you can drop the words in the wrong target.

Thanks again guys, have a great day

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