Drag and drop interaction

Is there a way, besides converting a slide to a freeform drag & drop, to determine where drag items end up after being dropped?  My issue is that I have a set of drag & drop items users need to select from - dragged from one box and dropped onto another.  Depending on their selections they can end up on one of 3 different slides.  My problem is that all the drag items (text boxes) end up centering in the drop box, so if more than one is selected they stack on top of each other.  I'd rather not use the quiz slide because then I have to clear out all the pre-set question things I don't want to use.  Is there a way to do this?  I tried setting the "selected" states with particular locations inside the drop box, but that didn't work.



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Julie Stelter

Hi Adam, What if you instead created placeholders beside the original drop site for the placement of the dragged items. The placeholders could be arranged in the same way they will be viewed on the three subsequent slides. This way the dragged items can be viewed in association with the dropped site.