Drag and Drop interaction colour change state not working correctly

Hi there,

I have set up a drag and drop question to get the learner to put it in the correct order. The current Articulate storyline2 sequence drag and drop doesn't allow me to have consistent font or colours so I'm doing this manually.

I am wanting my draggable boxes to change colours when they are dropped on top of another draggable box to let the learner know that there is another box underneath it. I have set up two states controlled by triggers - one for dropped and the other to set back to normal when the draggable box isn't on top of another. This works some time and some times it doesn't.

I can't work out why it works some times and why it doesn't. If there is another workaround to achieve what I require, I'm open to suggestions also. Thanks. :)

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Windy M

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the super quick response. The purpose of this trigger (changing the colour of the box when one is dropped on top of another) is to alert the learner that there are two stacked together. I haven't found any alternative ways to stop more than one box stacked on top of another. I don't mind if the learner can't select the box underneath as long as they are aware of two on the same drop zone and they can then move the top one out of the way to get to the one underneath. Do you know of a work around to alert the learner? Thanks.


Susi B

Hi Wendy,

I don´t know if I understood you correctly, but i build something that might be the way you want it to. Except you can stack as many boxes over one box as you want to. I don´t think there is an easy way to say stack only 2 boxes and then stop. :)

I converted your quiz into a drag&drop freeform (insert>convert to freeform) and set 2 statuses for each object (drop correct and drop incorrect).  In the form view you have to set the drag and the drop objects and then its done.

Hope this helps a little.



Edit: You could also build a switching the answers quiz with the help of statuses, if you want this effect. :)